Renzo Piano

“One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again.”

The first step in the design process is becoming acquainted and sharing your dream. Generally, this first meeting is held in our corporate office, where a prospective client has the opportunity to meet with us, review examples of homes we have designed, and to test our mutual compatibility. There is no charge for this initial one hour meeting.

Our part of this first step is to answer the question: “What is this client’s dream?” We are here to listen and understand your dream, vision and expectations for a new or remodeled residence, and to determine how our firm can best serve. 


Our professionals will discover your dreams, and which of our services are most appropriate for accomplishing your objective. From this analysis, we will draft and present a proposal to you outlining our understanding of the project’s scope, parameters, and requirements, as well as our professional services and fees. This proposal is written in non-technical language for complete understanding of how we will work together.  


While each project is different, the process of designing within the context of a solid working relationship remains the same. We will walk with you through each stage of the project, making appropriate changes and progress, as you approve each step. We pledge to give you no surprises. This means that you will be informed, in advance, of any challenges we are encountering, or any additional charges that may be needed to complete the project. We will give you options and recommendations to consider. In turn, we expect that you will provide us with clear communication on your expectations and preferences, and will make solid, thoughtful decisions, thus taking your dreams to reality!



A Helman Sechrist home can be spotted a mile away thanks to exquisite attention to detail, and unique customization that other designers we looked at couldn't compete with. We look forward to spending the rest of our lives in our HSA home.

- Review from Houzz